Below you can find a few examples of the kind of visits we have organised up to today.
A typical visit lasts for about 1.5 – 2 hours (+ travelling time) and may include observation, interviews, discussions, presentations and other types of interaction.



  • Kindergartens/Nurseries, Preschools, Afternoon Clubs, “Forest Kindergartens”
  • Elementary/Primary Schools
  • Upper/lower secondary schools
  • 10th Grade (optional extra year of basic education)
  • Universities and Polytechnics
  • Vocational Schools
  • Classes for children with special needs/disabilities
  • Governmental Bodies concerning Education
  • Community Colleges/Adult Education
  • Hospital Schools for children with health issues
  • ICT Education in schools


Social Welfare

  • Elderly Care (group homes, daycare centres, residential care, housing communities)
  • Services for the Disabled (housing services, group homes, learning units, workshops)
  • The Social Insurance Institution of Finland
  • The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare


Health services

  • Cancer Clinics
  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Community Health Centres (with focus on Physiotherapy, Speech therapy etc.)
  • Public Hospitals
  • Baby Massage Classes
  • Hospices
  • Maternity and Child Health Clinics, Maternity Wards



  • School architecture
  • Architecture companies, showrooms
  • Ecological building and housing
  • Alvar Aalto’s works
  • New wood-processing facilities
  • Church architecture
  • Housing fairs
  • Woodwork studios


Art & Design

  • Artists’ Ateliers, Design Studios
  • Music Academies, Art Schools
  • Children’s Art Programs and Events
  • Design Companies and Factories (Marimekko, Arabia and many others)
  • Meetings with Artists and Designers


Other Sectors

  • Visits to Companies
  • Interviews with Specialists of various fields


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